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About us

Our outsourced partners and network affiliations include the largest printing works in the country and some of the finest photographers and creative studios that share combined expertise on various joint projects.

We also have had the distinct privilege of a successful preferential appointment with the City of Johannesburg for the production of communication and marketing materials over the past five years.

Cherry Apple Media comprises an in-house media placement manager/buyer, art director and copywriter, promotional branding house, as well as a full graphic design studio. Combined experience in the writing and creative fields emanating from our studios is in excess of 20 years. And work in media sales and advertising sales nearly 25 years.


We have produced design and text portfolios for large corporations such the City of Joburg and its entities, Government Departments, Vodacom, 947 and many more.

  • Providing the implementation of every advertising, marketing and communications support idea for every kind of business operation.

  • Creating stimulating visual graphics, writing and technical production solutions, in order to advance top of mind awareness for the brands we develop.

  • Being the one stop brand solution company that helps our clients succeed, by extending their brand penetration through insight, skilled budgets and sensible methodology.


  • To be an edgeless, flexible, continuously changing and constantly reforming group of people according to the needs of those we serve.

  • To focus on the things we do best and work together with trusted integrated network partners to tackle challenges in communications strategy.

  • To gather fluid, independent teams of problem solvers and to work with the best talent to exploit opportunity in the marketing mix.

  • To develop an eagerness for continued learning and towering competence in the fields influencing our creative service.

  • To foster an approach to becoming more valuable in the marketplace through building and sustaining relationships, because the human component in all our undertakings is of paramount importance at all times.

  • To obtain the strategic advantage of harnessing and managing information as a vital, enabling ingredient for our client’s initiatives.


  • Shared passion for doing interesting and challenging things professionally.

  • A uniqueness in expanding skills as opposed to fitting into opportunities that present themselves.

  • The driving force comes from our individuals.

  • Turning every job into a business.

  • Changing significantly in the face of changing times.

  • Respecting the irreplaceable distinction of every person we interact with.

  • Fiscal responsibility and accountability.

  • Belief in working in an environment of trust or bust.
    Commitment, reliability and delivering on promise.

  • Duty of care to principles of equity, disenfranchisement and social obligations.


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